Article: Five reasons why Care Homes fail to reach CQC compliance

The Care Quality Commission is the regulator of the healthcare industry, overseeing primary, secondary and community care as well as the social care sector.

Achieving CQC Compliance for Care Homes ensures that rigorous health and safety standards are met within your organisation. They also help clients and their families feel confident in the care that they are receiving.

There are a number of reasons why care homes and domiciliary care fail to achieve CQC Compliance. Being aware of these can help you ensure that your organisation meets the standards required to pass an inspection.

1. Failing to register with CQC

The Care Quality Commission has established a registration system. If you are providing adult care services in England, you must register with CQC or you could face prosecution or a fine of up to £50,000.

2. Failing to meet with Standard around Quality and Safety

Your organisation must ensure that they meet with regulations that are in place to safeguard service users. If your organisation is found to have not met these standards and fails to heed the warnings issued by CQC, you could face a criminal conviction and a large fine.

3. Providing a regulated activity that you aren’t registered for

If you are providing regulated services for service users, you must register for each activity that you provide. If you supply a healthcare activity that you aren’t registered for, you could face a fine and a criminal conviction.

4. Making false statements about concerns or regulated activity

If you are caught making false statements about regulated activity, the premises that the activity is held in, or found making false statements on your CQC registration application, you can face a fine of up to £5000.

5. Failure to comply with registration conditions

Registration with CQC is conditional. If your organisation does not comply with these conditions, you could face CQC cancelling your registration, stopping you being able to provide services. Registered managers who are prosecuted for failure to comply with these conditions can face fines of up to £5000.

Guidelines and information to meet CQC’s exacting standards on Outcome 8 ‘Cleanliness and Infection Prevention and Control’, can be obtained from Infection Prevention and Control contact us on 01423 557340 or ipccommunity@hdft.nhs.uk.